Jan 2, 2014

Frolicking Freckles has moved to a new home

Happy New Year
 We are in the mood for change...We haven't moved far....
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New Home. 
See you there....

Jan 1, 2014

Freckles Writing~Reading Room


It's a New Year.
We are going to kick the New Year off by showing you some of Freckles room. Her Happy place. A place where she dreams, writes, reads, and creates. Writing for her really began a little over a year ago with the vintage Royal typewriter she received for her birthday. Her mind was filled with words, ideas and stories. She has been an avid reader for some time, which naturally grew into making up her very own stories. She has been working on a series since she got that typewriter. She loves the romance of the clacking of the keys and the ding at the end of the page as she grabs hold of the return, the page moves up and she continues on. She can do this for hours. She started a blog of her own recently which I shared a couple posts back. She named it:
 Writers Block

It will be a nice place for her to share her dreams and stories, the books she reads, her inspirations, thoughts and more. I just think it's quite precious really.
She wanted me to share her room with you as she will also be sharing these pictures on her blog as well. So we took pictures, for you all. For Christmas all she really wished for were books, journals, paper, pens, storage containers, calendar/ planner, a book bag and pajama pants. I found some really cute stuff at Target, Daiso, Michael's and Beverly fabrics. We got her some bins and organizer trays etc. for her closet and desk....Which she has been putting everything away in.

I made her this fabric pouch, which she loved...Notice the cute glasses zipper pull....She is storing some of her journals and smaller paper pads inside. her pens, pencils, markers and doodads are now stored away nicely...

Last Summer we bought two of these blue carts from Ikea for her to use as little library carts for her books. She feels she needs another one. It has been perfect for her to roll around wherever she chooses. Someday I hope to get her a real book cart, but they are kinda pricey...So these will do. My Sister sent her a nice Christmas package with books, a sonic screwdriver Doctor Who pen and this fun library card kit. A fun gift for the reader who may loan a book out...

She has been collecting these pretty hard bound leather and fabric books from Barnes & Noble and Amazon...All paid for by herself with her baby sitting money.

I surprised her with this large painting which I did as one of her Christmas gifts. The portrait depicts her with books and a typewriter...All in colors of her bedroom and a sweet quote from The Book Thief. ( We also took her to see The Book Thief movie as a Christmas gift) We loved it. She reallly loves the painting. I must say I think it looks pretty darn cute in her room too.

Remember I mentioned how she wanted a book bag? She designed the bag on paper and i made it for her in all these sweet fabrics that have to do with reading and writing. Another hit...We were on a roll for giving her something she would really love.

More organizing going on here with all her papers, folders and notebook/journals.
 A place for everything, Everything in it's place. 
We also got her those cute cardboard boxes with lids to hold
 her Smash Book/crafty/scrap booking supplies. Everything looks so nice and tidy.

This is where you will find her on almost a daily basis...
Here writing or in her bed cuddled in her ghanny afghan reading for hours with a nice hot cup of tea. This is her happy place...Hope you enjoyed her space...Perhaps she will be a sweet inspiration to young girls her age...Or even you. 
Thanks for stopping in. 
Happy New Year.

Dec 31, 2013

Goodbye 2013


Dear 2013,
It was a rocky beginning when you arrived. We were pulled up by our roots and placed in dry places, where a whirlwind of troubles, anxieties and hurt seemed to steamroll us. Though you may have thought you won... It was God who pulled us back out from the depths of what seemed to us as despair. The second half of the year 2013 began to look a bit brighter for all of us. With prayer and faith we were placed in a better place, a place where we were freed from most of our worries. Where healing was taking place. We saw our son off as he flew from our nest into his own and now sharing it with someone special. It still is not easy, but we go on. We moved into a new area with work for Mr. Darling in the Ministry, we have seen growth in Freckles, we have been blessed by much. The months have flown by so fast...We didn't have time to blink. It is hard to see you go so quickly, yet it will be good to put you behind us and move forward with 2014. We pray that 2014 will be good to us, we hope to slow down in many ways, to make plans for our future, to make a home sweet home in which we can stay a while, and fulfill some of our dreams in which we held within us. We anticipate a lot of goings on and much change and growth as this new year arrives...We are ready for whatever will be thrown at us, knowing the path will not always be smooth, surely we will run into some rough roads and roller coaster rides. But with our faith and God by our side, we will persevere whatever this new year tries to throw at us. So now we bid you farewell old friend, we will never see you again...
But will have some photos and memories of times we spent with you.
Goodbye 2013

Dec 27, 2013

A shout out to my kids!

This is my daughter's new blog, click HERE to visit it.

My son and his girlfriend also have a blog on Tumblr
visit it HERE
and follow them on Facebook HERE


Dec 26, 2013

Nadine's Holiday Home Sweet Home

Welcome to Nadine's Holiday Home sweet Home. I know this is late, and I meant to put this up before Christmas...But things got away from me...I wanted to be sure to feature a good bloggy friend of mine. I met her through blogging a few years back. She is also a fellow Washingtonian, home schooler and lover of vintage. Please give a warm welcome to Nadine from
 Nadine's Nook.

Her darling nook is decorated so sweetly. The blues and whites with touches of green and red makes a beautiful Wintery scene. Her decorations were found while thrifting, antiquing and treasured heirlooms made or handed down from their Grandparents and collections of their own.

Simply sweet. 


It's such a delight that Nadine gave me the thumbs up to share her Christmas space with you. I hope you enjoyed feasting your eyes on her darling home.