Our Story

Once upon a time...Not so long ago, there was a little girl who had a dream....
One day her dream came true....
She met the man of her dreams, got married and had two delightful children.
Dreams really do come true!
My name is Mica Garbarino. I started this blog years ago to keep a record of our meanderings and to keep family afar updated. I married my sweetheart 18 years ago and soon after our journey would only get more interesting with a little baby boy. After the amazing birth of our son we dedicated our lives to Christ. He has filled our life with many blessings and trials. When our boy was three we lost our second child from miscarriage at 25 weeks...Our world was crushed...yet, God's loving hands were on us...in time we healed...And managed to move on (never forgetting of course, that even the child we lost was a blessing). Three years later we were gifted with a baby girl which completed our puzzle and filled our hearts.She was a pleasant unexpected surprise to say the least.... I enjoy my life as a wife, a mother and a home keeper. I love time spent with my little family, crafting, sewing, cooking, baking, canning, scrapping, blogging and collecting vintage treasures, making our home a warm, bright, cheerful, safe home sweet home ever after on a very frugal budget. I am also a self taught artist/doll maker and have a small business based at home, selling through sites like Etsy and Ebay. I enjoy thrifting, antiquing, and going to flea markets and Estate sales to decorate our humble home, giving it a warm, vintage, comfy feel full of character. Making it a very happy home sweet home.
Through the years we have been home schooling our children for it is our calling to rear our children up in a Godly home with truth and faith sparing them from a worldly, godless institution. I have had the honor to be a stay at home mama all of their lives so far and would never change it for the world. They are growing into delightful people who love and serve the Lord with Godly character and wisdom. And of course we are very proud they too follow our Heavenly Father. We uprooted from our home in Washington state four years ago so that my Hubby, Mr. Darling could pursue his calling into the Ministry. He just finished his 4th year in Seminary graduating with a Masters in Divinity. Prayerfully & Lord willing he will be called to his own church and begin shepherding a flock soon.
Our son Maestro as we call him is 18 years old and  a very talented musician whom has been composing his own piano pieces since the age of 7. He self taught himself to play the guitar with some instruction from his daddy and also enjoys singing. He is also an aspiring film maker and writer & quite artistic in many ways...he has a great eye for color, design, fashion and art as well. This was my last year homeschooling him as we just graduated him this last Spring 2012. He has also been attending a Jr. College this last year hoping to get a degree in music of course. We pray his dreams will be fulfilled as he moves on into life as a young man glorifying God in all he does. He will always be our little boy, at least in my heart. He just grew up too fast. I shouldn't have blinked!
Our little girl...Freckles is 12 years old. I am just trying to hold on to her as long as I can, for she too is growing up way to fast. She is known as my mini me...always at my side, loves everything I do...enjoys everything I do. She hopes to be a home keeper and a Mama one day as she too will home school her children. She is still my little girl... She enjoys playing her guitar, typing on her vintage typewriter, making up stories and putting together cute outfits and hairdos. She lights up the room with her cheerful presence and keeps us on our toes. Her days are spent with me much of the time as she also wanders off into her own world and reads for many hours. She too has been gifted with the ear for music and the appreciation for art. Our prayer is that her dreams will be the happiest of dreams and that she will always and forever love to serve the Lord.
We believe in Jesus Christ as our Savior. In all things we strive to glorify Him. For now until my Hubby, Lord willing shepherds his own church, we attend a Reformed Presbyterian Church. We are very active in our church and love to open our home to all as we thoroughly enjoy hospitality.
I hope you will enjoy coming to our little spot in the cyber world home...
As I hope it will be an inspiration to you in some way.
Thank you for your support!!!