Our Home

Hi ! My name is Mica from Frolicking Freckles formally known as The Child's Paper where I share my life, my family and my dreams. I am smitten that Heather asked me to share my humble home with you all...So here we go... As a kid I grew up moving a lot. I never really had the taste of a long term home..It has truly been a longing of mine for some time now as I am getting older. Though we have moved so much, I have also learned a lot about being content and making do with what and where God places us in any given season. Four 1/2 years ago I thought we had finally settled in our "FOREVER" home where we would raise our children. God had a different plan though, and it took quite a while to open my eyes and appreciate His plan is not my own and this is for our good. It was four 1/2 years ago my husband quit his long time job to take a leap of faith for a call to ministry. We gave up our house, our car, personal belongings were sold and given away to peruse this call as a future Pastor. That would en tale him to go to Seminary full time. So we packed up and left our home behind in Washington where we have become "Starving Students" living in a rental home.
It is hard to make the home of your dreams when you rent a place that really isn't your own, where you can't paint the walls or alter anything. But...My calling as a wife and mother is to create a happy, loving home despite all circumstances and trust in the Lord, that He is in control and will provide no matter where we live...Ultimately our home is in Him and that gives us comfort. Despite the tiny kitchen with dated oak cabinets, gaudy tiled counter tops, gold fixtures, dark appliances, brown carpet and small spaces, I have tried to create a vibrant, fun home filled with happy colors and quirky pieces here and there. Almost everything we own is old, hand me downs, thrifted, flea marketed, Craig's listed, garage saled or handmade...And we love it. Now on to the tour....


The past several years we have been on a very tight budget and the only way I could buy anything to decorate my house with, I would have to sell my art work /dolls and vintage finds through the internet. Whatever money I made doing that would be my 'FUN MONEY"...Off to the Thrift Shops and Garage Sales I would roam to find the perfect, affordable piece that has
 potential or would fit perfect into my vision of home. The sweet dresser I scored at a thrift shop for dirt cheap made it in my entryway, I love the simple white, and added different colorful knobs to it for a quirky fun feel. I love quirky. It is also a favorite word I use often. I added simple things to the top...A thrifted picture frame holds our 18th anniversary picture, my daughters childhood baby chair given to her by her Grandparents, a vintage $3 thrifted globe, a chalkboard I painted onto an old cabinet door a number 4 which represents the two of us and our two children. Above the dresser is a folk art painting I made, which is
 my interpretation of a painting
done by talented Mystele Kirkeeng... I love it.
 In the main living/dining room area I have a sweet antique hutch our friends gave us...I recently gave it a nice coat of sunny yellow to brighten up the room, This is where I home school my daughter. The hutch holds some quilts, a Granny Afghan, some pottery, whimsy and vintage children's books...On top is a darling blue vintage sewing machine I scored at a garage sale for a few bucks. Another thrifted globe and another chalk board I made.
On to our family room where much of our time is spent. I must say I do love the light that comes into this room during the day. All the colors make it even happier. This house was made with a couple strange coves where I just simply placed things like a child's chair, a globe, some flowers and a couple pictures. The mantle changes often...I found the funky old window at a flea market, the color was perfect..I made a colorful scrappy bunting added an old camera which belonged to my dear Mr. Darling, a letter "G" I found at the .99 cent store,
 and a tiny doll I found at a garage sale for .25 cents...
It is a small space...But works well. I hung a vintage table cloth over another cove in the wall...behind it holds a cabinet I keep our home school books in. I have a thing for red....It has always been my favorite color. I think it gives a room a great pop of color when you have white walls. All my furniture in this room has been thrift bought except the white couch...A recent find on Craig's List. I bribed my Sister to come down and buy it for me in return I would clean her house. A pretty great bargain...I think. She went for it. Thanks Sis. One of my favorite pieces in this room is the re-purposed old thrifted brass lamp and shade, I painting it yellow and covered the old shade with a vintage table cloth and trims I had on hand. On each side of my couch I have old school desks for side tables. And I love my Granny Afghan found on a thrift hunt for a few dollars.

 Our little television area is also colorful I found the cabinet at a thrift shop and painted it a happy Robin's Egg Blue. Our son bought us the telly last Christmas from $ he made with his first job. What a sweetheart. The wall is filled with things I love...

My little kitchenette set was found at a thrift shop...I got a great deal on it too...$35 because it was 50% off day. I also gave it a fresh look this last Summer by painting it in cheery colors and sewed up new seat covers using scraps I had collected from projects.
 Now we go upstairs to my daughters room. A happy place where she spends much of her time listening to music, reading books and typing stories on her vintage typewriter she recently received for her birthday from her Gramma. All her furniture is from thrift shops and garage sales...re-painted and given new life. She also loves old things,
 vintage stuff, owls, elephants, fashion and lot's of color...
 Perfect for a tween girl to grow up in.
We hung paper lanterns, Lantern lights, tissue paper pom poms, hoop art
 and added all the colors of the rainbow. Her room is very small...Just enough room for her bed, nightstand and dresser...Though small it is quite cozy..She loves it.
Lastly, is our bedroom. Simple, sweet and comfy. Almost everything in this room is either thrifted or gifted except the bed which we bought from Ikea and the armoire we bought 13 years ago. The art work on the wall is mainly vintage crewel stitchery's which I have found through the years thrifting. I love the colorful scenes. All of my bedding is from thrift shops and garage sales and a couple of the pillows and the folk art doll are handmade. I use my old suitcases as a nightstand and storage.

I also collect children's books...with a fond love for old ones, which you would find throughout my home. Besides my Ikea bed my other favorite pieces in my bedroom is my antique dress form which holds some necklaces and my old dresser gifted to me from my Step Mother whom had it in her family for many years. My daughter used it for years too, until she decided she wanted to use her dresser she had as a baby....
So now it is mine.
I made the jewelery display doll from bits and bobs and an old doll of course. This is where I will insert my favorite word...It is quirky. I love it and she is useful.
 I also made the scrap bunting on the mirror.
The little armoire has been several colors over the years and served as our entertainment spot, a home school cabinet and a craft keeper...Now it is in our room with our old dinosaur t.v inside.

Though this is only a temporary home until my husband receives a call as a Pastor somewhere. I try to make every effort to make it a home where my family loves to be together, where we are comfortable, safe and where we can make memories. It is a home where we can teach our children Biblical truths, where we can love and serve the Lord & each other and where I can personally unleash my inner creative beast, using what I have, making do and filling it with lot's of love. I hope you enjoyed the tour of our little home...It was fun...Thank you Heather for inviting me.

Here are some older photo's